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Day 2 :

Keynote Forum



Keynote: Geriatric health care-impact area of Ayurveda

Time : 10:00-10:45

Traditional Medicine Congress 2020 International Conference Keynote Speaker Y.K.Sharma photo

Y. K. Sharma  has completd his BAMS(Gold Medalist), MD(Ay), Dip. Yoga, and holds PhD in Geriatrics. Former Dean/Principal for Rajiv Gandhi Government Post Graduate Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Paprol-Himachal Pradesh.


The World population of the elderly is increasing and by the year 2050, adults older than 65 years will comprise 1/5th of the global population. This growing population percentage of Old People in World is a serious challenge to existing health care structure of World especially in Developing and Underdeveloped countries.  This shall have huge economic liability and is with potential to choke the hospitals of tertiary care in these countries which are already overloaded with patient care of other ailments of younger population with recoverable ailments. Thus it is desired that people live long, healthy and productive life without much burden on family and society. The health policies world over related with geriatric care should enable and support voluntary and non-governmental organizations as well as Alternative Systems of Medicines to supplement the care provided by the family and provide health care and protection to vulnerable elderly people. The main objective of such policies should be to make older people fully independent citizens. The biggest challenge with geriatric health problem is that in most of the cases the condition cannot be attributed to a single cause and action for their origin or management. In certain conditions like neuro-psychiatric disorders (Senile dementia, Alzheimer’s depression), the structural cause is unknown and senescence is attributed as major factor behind the degradation of physical and mental health as well as capabilities of old peoples. Ayurveda the ancient science of life with comprehensive approach for health management by promotion of health and disease management of individuals have always been looked for providing long and healthy life. Its concept of Rasayana has widely been propagated as a specialty for arresting the process of aging and assuring old age which is sickness free and productive. Various Ayurvedic therapeutics like Rasayans, Panchkarma, Herbal Formulations, etc  have been thought to improve physical, immunological, psychological, cognitive potentials of individuals the progressive loss of which is core to the ailments of old age. The  leading causes of morbidity and mortality among aged people comprise respiratory problems, heart diseases, cancer and stroke besides common age related functional disorders like lowered appetite, poor digestion, anemia, decreased colonic motility  leading to  constipation and impaction of stools,  increased frequency of urine to   retention, incontinency of urine,  BPH, etc.  Decreasing musculo-skeletal – power and tone leading to falls and fracture, as well as in-coordination of gait. Degenerative changes in Nervous system lead to dementia, delirium and depression, termers, ataxia and many other psychological ailments. Frequent lung infections, osteoarthritis etc are the other common old age related health problems.  Author feels that working with these regressing features of old age is real impact area of Ayurveda practices.  Further Ayurveda can also identify its impact area in Social, Psychological as well as Spiritual care of old people.