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Day 1 :

Traditional Medicine Congress 2020 International Conference Keynote Speaker Dler J. Ramzan Sulaivani photo


A field experiment was carried out during the winter season 2012-2013 in fields of Agriculture College - University of  Tikrit, to study the effect  of  addition levels of  Organic and chemical Fertilization on the special characterizes for the  growth, yield seeds, volatile oils, and active ingredients  of  fennel (Foeniculum vulgare L.) by using Organic Fertilization (sheep manure ,cow manure) with three levels (0, 6 ton. hectar-1 sheep manure,  6 ton. hectar-1 ,cow manure) and chemical Fertilization (Boron) in the form of boric acid (17% B) with two levels (0, 0.05 mg.litter-1) and it's interactions, The experiment carried out based on the system of testing the factorial experiment has been used according to randomized complete block design ( R.C.B.D) with three  replications. The soil was plowed grazed soothed and divided into pallets of dimensions (2 x 2 m),the seeds were planted with lines between the line and the last (25 cm) and the distance between plant and another (25 cm), And then put the system of drip irrigation and distributed on all the panels ,placed (2-3) seeds in each hole at a depth (3-5 cm) and covered with a layer of light from the soil, the seeds were planted in (15/10/2012). Organic fertilizers were added to the experimental units before a week the planting, while the boron was added to the leaves of the plant until the full wetness ,The quality and quantity of volatile oils in the samples were diagnosed using Shimladzu's HPLC-type FLC-10A, 2000, with Spectrophotometer-Spd-6A-Uv and its speed of 1.2 min / ml. The results can be summarized as fallow: The treatment (M2) (6 ton. hectar-1 cow manure) apparent highest average in an increasing percentage on characterizes, plant height (115.9) cm, the number of flowers umbels (95.3) umbel.plant-1, Trans-Anethole (336.88), alpha-pinene (74.47) While the treatment (M1) (6 ton. hectar-1 sheep manure) gave highest percent in the fresh weight (482) gram.plant-1, Trans-Anethole (250.9) The addition boron during (B1) (0.05 mg. litter-1) treatments gave highest   percent in the seeds yield (3753) kg.hectar-1, Limonen 174.04), Fenchone77.55)